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Amazing but its $5 but it deserves the five stars, 5 bucks for 5 stars

Great but needs improvements

Its a great game and all but but I think they should add a war setting with tanks and people with guns so you can actually use the bombs and machine guns they give you!!!


I love flying and building games but none give you very much control but this is a plane Minecraft minus the scavenging best game i have ever played only thing is a little more in depth tutorial would be appreciated

Great game

Why not make plans stronger, or a Bombay door, or a map and way points

Great game

I love the community feature


This is an amazing game! I enjoy the concept or creating your own plane, testing and improving. this game has lots of freedom to make every tiny adjustment you need to make a plane fly straight. I think its fun that you can also use your creativity to make planes shouldnt exist yet. along with that, the ability to also find and use planes that others have made is outstanding. My only small issue is that it will kick me out of the game and wont save progress, but five stars anyways

Best Airplane Sim Out There

The game is really fun and addicting. Ive had it for a few weeks now, and I can definitely say its my favorite game. Its amazing, but I only have one suggestion: There should be a setting to make pieces (fuselage parts & wings) glow instead of just beacons.


I have always been looking for a game where you can truly build almost anything and simpleplanes is that game with nice graphics and amazing physics.Also with no ads the experience is awesome.My only complaint is (this is more of recommendation) to add wind and storms to make the experience more immersive but me saying this is only nitpicking. 5/5 ~Manny


For most iOS users, we cant use sub assemblies. Please fix this. I know the button is there when you are moving a price but I cannot click it. Please make it so that if we just click on a piece(or when you have a group of pieces) , like when it is highlighted yellow, let us click it there. I hope you understand what I just wrote. But please, fix that

Amazing game

Overall a fantastic game that gets better and better with every update. Do not hesitate to buy this game because you will get more than your moneys worth.

I Live stream this on Shou

Its so fun and I get a ton of views on it in Shou my name in Shou:Cdome1313

Best game Ive found

This game is awsome

The best game ever

I think this game is amazing because it helps give you a spark of creativity. Ps.sorry for spelling Mistakes

Totally worth the buy!!

This game is by far amazing. I could go on and on about how much I enjoy this game. Even games like clash of clans and boom beach get boring and deleted from time to time. But as long as you have an imagination and are willing to use some good old fashion trial and error, you will never get bored! And an idea for a new gizmo is a parachute. Something that can help slow the descent of a craft should it break or to use for dropping cargo

A unique fun game

Would have given five stars but it crashes often and the controls are hard to get use to. PS, can u add more weapons and gizmos and maybe challenges to fight more AIs

Great game, but...

I love this game absolutely--on the PC. Why? On the PC, there is integrated nudge controls in the form of a keyboard. On an iPad, you can buy a keyboard. On a phone, such is impractical. Plz add, or mobile builds will never be able to compete with PC.

Missing Parts

The game overall is amazing. The game hardly lags and crashes. I think the game is missing a few parts that would contribute to gameplay. The parts are parachutes, laser guided weapons, turrets, large caliber cannons, flares, side mounted weapons, and radar.

Love the game

Simple planes game is the best plane car boat etc. Simulator for building I have seen (worth to buy)


it used to be just planes and that was fun and then it updated and adding car wheels and an engine makes it possible to do so many things love it!

Its hard to build, but oh so pleasurable when it flies!

P.S. this game rocks ! ! !

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