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Nice but.....

This Game Needs a atmosphere/Space/universe, then it will be Perfect !!!!

My favourite game!!

Ive been playing this for a long time now, making it a replacement towards the other plane sims. Lots of things to do, great physics and a huge variety of different planes!

My favourite app!

Ive been playing for a few years now and it never gets boring!! Love the infinite possibilities to build :) Keep up the great work guys!


Jundroo, this is an amazing game. Its perfect. But, could you please add some more overlooked parts such as intakes and cockpits. - Satisfied Customer

Favorite game

So this is probably my most played game on my iPhone, and I am crazy good at it, but Ive been having an issue. Whenever I try to resize a wing while the com/col/cot indicator is on it crashes. Please fix this! I love this game but this has been bothering the heck outa me.

Best indie game of 2016

I absolutely adore this game and everything it does, perfects and innovates. Great job Jundro and thank you for this breathtaking experience.

Best Plane Simulator Out There

For an ios game, the physics are very impressive, and the options are endless. World-wide multiplayer would make the game more interesting.


My experiences with Simpleplanes has been extraordinary, I enjoy having the ability to create whatever I want in this amazing world. If theres anything I would add, it would be a gyroscope to help with the VTOL. But thats just something that I would like to have. The game is everything Ive ever wanted. So I thank you for creating this game that I and so many others love to play.

A view into the aerospace world

Ive been following this game for awhile on the IOS, and it hasnt disappointed yet. With fresh content coming regularly, and a pool of user made creations to draw from, the possibilities of design are endless. Not only design, but testing, experimenting, and trials put your aircraft designs to the limits. One of the better games on the App Store, keep up with the updates!

A must have for the creative machinist

Ive download this app years ago.. With the parts that keep getting added, theres infinite possibilities to create. Worth every cent..


This game is amazing. Such a simple looking game with easy to use controls. Yet for an intermediate aviation enthusiast like myself I find it complex enough to be challenging when I want it to be. Ive been playing this game since it was made. Still not bored with it. Love the new tire update. It brings a whole new dimension to this game. Great job guys. 5 stars.

Love It

The game in general is amazing it sometimes crashes but not often but maybe adjust the handling a little bit but overall its great

Fantastic game

One of the best apps I have ever had so many option and things to do other then just build planes you can build helicopters boats cars and more and the all work fantastically along with online downloading your friends and other peoples creations

Best game ever!


Good game

This game is awesome


This is the BEST building sim i have ever seen...great job

Gr8 game

Wow this is sum next leval shot bois good stuff

Keeps on Gliching

Every time I try to fly my A-10 or my F-18, or any other plane, it keeps on glitching and the piloting joystick is upside down

Great game

Tough but smart, Ive bought all of their games. And look forward to every update!!!

Awesome game!!

Hours and hours of gameplay, endless sandbox fun. I design RC airplanes as a hobby and this (although its not perfect) is great for down time between projects or to design and test experimental airframes. Really easy to learn, but has great depth and customizability if you want to be more serious. Worth the money!! One of my favourite all time iPad games

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